Employee engagement can make or break your business.

Leaders make engagement happen.

Super powers, to attract, retain and engage the best talent.

Employee recognition programs have helped us compete with FAANG companies while recruiting technical talent.” — Rishi Darira, Data Gain Inc.

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Super powers, to attract, retain and engage the best talent.

Employee recognition programs have helped us compete with FAANG companies while recruiting technical talent.” — Rishi Darira, Data Gain Inc.

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Turn your business goals into results.

Our platform enables your business to achieve goal-oriented outcomes, gather feedback from your employees, and cost-effectively achieve results.

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Create highly engaged remote teams.

Disengaged employees cost US Companies $450 to $550 billion* in lost productivity per year.

Engagement OS empowers managers across your organization to gather key insights about their teams and make data-driven decisions with our A.I.

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Define your organizational goals

Pick the right KPI that can move this goal.

Unlimited access to 50+ outcome-based poll categories and 1000+ poll templates

Create polls in a 3 minutes.

Pick a poll from template, pick audience, send. Done.

Focus on building the next big thing, not the next big poll.

Unlimited poll responses with anonymity settings

Understand your employees privacy and increase the

response rate using our anonymous poll option.

A.I generated polls (coming October 2021)

Avoid writer's block by using our machine learning model that

generates a net new poll for you in seconds.

Automate poll schedules, set poll frequencies (weekly,monthly)

or use our Shuffle feature to send polls on random dates.

Org Goals AI Polls
Org Goals AI Polls


No Receipts. No Reimbursements. No points to chase.

Design recognition programs that gain intended results. Drive your most important KPIs with our A.I recommended perks and a marketplace consisting of 500+ merchants.

Build an OKR-driven recognition system that rewards your employees for every goal or milestone they achieve.

Admins can control their team's monthly spends by a category or specific merchant.Quick account setup, easy to use, stop waiting for reimbursement- approvals or receipt uploads.

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Employees can set personal goals

Get instant access to our virtual Perk Cards

Select from a list of approved perks categories

Instant Perk Card activation in our Secure Wallet

See realtime perk-transactions

Org Goals AI Polls Stress Relief
Org Goals AI Polls Stress Relief

PERFORMANCE OS (coming Oct'21)

Build goals, measure performance, increase your revenue.

Build Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and set KPIs for your company that drives engagement and performance across your organization.

Our Performance OS tool enables your company to be outcome-driven, reward your employees for every milestone they achieve, and also helps to:

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Set and achieve goals through OKRs.

Reward employees on goal completion.

Improve employee performance.

Connect OKRs with perk programs.

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Understand the key drivers of employee engagement with our advanced analytics.

Get actionable insights, measure your team's performance, create a better-engaged and productive employees, and grow your business ROI.

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Understand your team's engagement rate through our analytics.

10+ out of box reports (OOB) on the admin dashboard.

Track your business goals and KPIs.

Know your employee satisfaction score (ESAT).

Know your employee turnover rate.

Understand the trends in employee engagement and productivity.

Understand the “why” behind the scores.

Get predictions on the employee flight risk at your company.

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Predict, measure, and calculate metrics that lead to the company's success.

Use our value metrics calculators to measure company profitability, analyze how much revenue each employee brings in for the company, and calculate costs for employee hire and attrition.

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Cost per hire (CPH)

Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of your company's hiring process.

Return on investment (ROI)

Estimate the profit or loss on your investment.

Revenue per employee (RPE)

Measure how much money each employee generates for your company.

Cost per Hire

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Cost per Hire

New to Perkfix?

Here are some of the popular questions

New to Perkfix?

Here are some of the popular questions

Can I be notified of the new features?
Absolutely, all our enrolled customers will be the first ones to get notified and enjoy the new features.
How do I track my employee engagement?
Our analytics provide you great actionable insights that tracks your employee engagement, budget utilizations, perk allocation and many more.
When do I get charged?
Your account is charged on the first of every month, after the end of your free trial ends.
I added a payment method, do I still get to enjoy my free trial?
Yes, even after you add a payment method, you will be able to continue to benefit from the free trial.
What size of company do we need to be to use Perkfix?
Perkfix is a perfect employee engagement platform for companies of any size.
Can my employee budget rollover to the next month?
No, we believe in encouraging complete utilization of the perks allocated to the employees.
Can my employees request a new perk?
Yes, the employee can request the administrator to add a new perk via the perkfix mobile app.
What ROI can I expect from Perkfix?
Companies that use Perkfix report higher employee engagement and productivity. Our customers' employees report increased in happiness and motivation. When employees are engaged, and happy at work, turnover rates reduce significantly.
What costs can we save with Perkfix?
Companies typically spend more than twice the value of an annual salary to fill highly-skilled roles. Perkfix is an investment in your employees. With our data-driven engagement platform, you can address the metrics that contribute to turnover and employee flight risk.
What’s in the trial?
Our free 30-day trial gives you unlimited access to all of the features of our plan. At the end of your trial you will be asked to setup your payment for the annual or monthly subscription to continue to use our services.
Will my company data be saved if I subscribe after the trial?
Definitely, all of your settings and content will be saved in your admin platform for you.